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1985 Labs, Portland OR, EST. 2023

Who Are We? 1985 Labs is the drunk best friend of 1985 Games. We got started when Jeremiah (the creative director from 1985 Games and the dude writing this) convinced his friend and business partner Lenny to spend company money to make the dumb pin ideas Jeremiah had cooking up in his back pocket.

Cut to a year later, and we've made enough dumb pins to start a website! SO... Here it is.


Return Policy. We offer 20-day returns or exchanges. If something arrives defective or breaks, we offer a 3-month free replacement policy.

Shipping Info. Everything else ships from our office in OR. We ship via USPS with a $5 flat rate. Please allow 3-5 business days for us to pack your order and 3-4 days for USPS to deliver.

International Shipping. We are not responsible for customs charges / international shipping issues. Please order internationally at your own risk. 

If there is any issue with your order, please email us using the contact form found above.